20th February 2018

Satire Practice

Roll up, roll up… come and join the Great American Slave Trade. Come see the land of America and join a chain of mighty workforces. Leave your worries, homes and families behind. Come and be part of a captivating history! We have 3 meals a day, water, shelter and fair pay. You won’t even realise that you are away from home! Come join the Great American Slave Trade; we’d kill to have you!


-Rally/Political Speech
-Viewpoint 2nd person (speech to engage audience)
-“Roll up, roll up…” / “Come join the…” propaganda speech feature
-Rhythm, pace
-Puns: “Chain of…” / “We’d kill to have you”

-Simple sentences
-Compound sentences
-Speech format/spoken word

-Surface meaning: Come join the Slave Trade/be a slave
-Underlying: You don’t want to be part of this

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